28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my doc told me to give me striod injection for in case of premature pregancy is it sa

Answer: It need to be done in case of preterm delivery to avoid baby s lungs failure which can lead to baby s death. It's safe to be injected.
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Question: Why noxopar injection is given to pregnant women's. m taking from my day one of pregnancy n doc told me told me to cont till 6 month
Answer: hello dear as i know it is a blood thinner injection and prevent blood clot. and it is safe.
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Question: Doc told me she'll induce on Dec 31. What is the process? Is it an injection?
Answer: It is to induce labour pain. They will induce through tablets, injection or gel.
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Question: Hi my 38 week vl strt from tomorrow.. Doc told me my pelvic bone is narrow cz of height issue.Doc told me everything is ok for normal delivery but cz of height issue she recommended me for c sec i want normal delivery is it possible in my case.. Can pelvic bone be a issue for norml delivery plz suggest me m very tensed
Answer: It will all depend on the weight of your baby as well as the head circumference if you are baby gets engaged and acquired headlock position then do not worry there are chances of getting a normal delivery because baby head is most important once the head is engaged and start pushing then the rest of the body will follow engagement of ahead as well as rhythmic movement through the cervix is important if your baby is not engaged till now and your baby is still floating in amniotic fluid that indicates that you will have a cesarean delivery 70 person chances
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