5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My doc suggest me to do blood test tomorrow and day after tomorrow sonography y he suggest me???? My periods date is 6th sept

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Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy. Blood test is necessary to check with your CBC, that is complete blood count which includes haemoglobin and other essential parameters. Sonography is needed to check whether you are pregnant with one foetus or more. If it is twins he will treat you accordingly. Sometimes pregnancy happens in follapian tube which is called ad ectopic pregnancy, and is dangerous to the mother. In that case pregnancy needs to get terminated. Blood test and sonography both are essential at this moment to start your prenatal care and medication. So follow your doctor and don't worry all this is a part of routine checkup. Pls Mark this answer helpful if you find it so. Thankyou.
Answer: Dear if you have tested positive in urine test you can go for the blood test which is beta hcg test to see the growth of your pregnancy however getting the sonography at such an early stage would not be advised as nothing much will be visible. Please go for a scan after 2 weeks so that you can clearly see the growth of your baby. Hope it helps.
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Question: After missed period and home pregnancy test is positive when to do blood test or sonography?
Answer: Hi dear, Blood test is not required once the gestational sac is visible around 6 weeks through transvaginal scan.otherwise also if the viability test is fine around 8weeks then blood test to check BHcg hormone is not required.also if you have spotting post home pregnancy confirmation,doctor might need to check your BHcg hormone through blood test.
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Question: after conception today is my 6th day...can I take pregnancy test at home tomorrow
Answer: Hi dear u can do it surely after missing 5 days of period and will get the result. If u get two red lines then u r pregnant
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Question: Hiee my periods got skipped for 5 days tomorrow is 6th day can I have a pregnancy test tomorrow Mrg at home .....what will the cost for blood test to confirm pregnancy at hospital
Answer: First u go for upt test early morning in home....if it's positive...then go for blood test...and also cost varies....within 1k
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