26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My doc prescribed ARG9 sachet ..plz tell me is it safe for me?? N why doc prescribed this madicine

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Answer: S its safe..it us given for two reasons one is for AFI sud not get low and another was for precaution for pre term delivery
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Question: My doctor prescribed me hermin sachet for 2 months... Can any1 tell me why it is for?
Answer: Hello, hermin sachet contains amino acids which will help in weight gain of fetus. You should also take a high protein diet which will also help. Hope this helps
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Question: My doc prescribed ARG9 sachet...can any body tell me that it is safe for me... And why doc prescribed this
Answer: Hi dear arginine a sashes are suggested for a lot of reason like I can share my experience with you in my 32 weeks growth scan my baby was found to be only 2 kgs of weight do my doctor told me that you still have time and the baby would grow normally there is no problem but still then my doctor prescribed me arginine sachet it is completely safe and helps your baby to gain weight and also people those who have a problem of less amniotic fluid it also helps in increasing the fluid.. Hope this helps!
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Question: What is the use of ARG9. Doctor prescribed me take 1 sachet daily aftr lunch. Is this safe to take
Answer: During pregnancy, ARG-9 sachets are given to increase the placental circulation, for better growth of baby and to reduce the chances of an early miscarriage. These are safely prescribed in pregnancy and may be continued till full term to avoid growth retardation and preterm labor. It is also prescribed if you have low amniotic fluid
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