2 months old baby

Question: My delivery is through c section before 2 months but still my periods are not started. Is it normal

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Answer: S it's normal, breast feeding mom didn't get period fast, so don't worry..
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Question: I had c section before 5 months but still my periods are not regular. What should I do?
Answer: Dear if you are breastfeeding it is normal. They come down to normal cycle in sometime. Wait for another 2 cycle. My periods came back after 8 months. Hope it helps.
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Question: I had c-section delivery before 2 & half months but now itself i had my regular period is it normal?
Answer: hi if it is completely normal to get regular periods in some cases the women do not get period still they are feeding the baby where is in some other cases it is possible that even if the woman is feeding the baby the moment will start getting regular periods it is because thenwomen starts ovulating and therefore there is nothing to worry
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Question: Hi my periods are started after 2 months normal delivery .and it regularly comes in 2 months but now still not come.last date is 4 June is that normal ??
Answer: It's common between breastfeeding mothers dear. But for ur conformation u can get a pregnancy kit and check once.
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Question: my baby is 10 months but still my periods r not started is it normal
Answer: Hi dear...A hormone called prolactin is responsible for producing breast milk, it restricts menstruation hormone. When you exclusively breastfeed your baby in early few months tiis orTmone level is highin your body so you did nol gel your period. Once the baby start eating solid, breast milk intake reduces. So this hormone level start decreasing That's why breast feeding moms usually get their period hack very late. Some minded get it after one year. So don't worry. Its not a problem.anytime you can get back your period.may this hhelps tq
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