1 months old baby

Question: My delivery is section cup I use belt now reduce my belly

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Answer: Hllo dear ur baby s born before 1 month .dear u can use maternity belt .its helpful in reducing uterus swelling its helpful in healing stiches if delivery s by c section .it reduces tunmy fat .nd also helpful jn back pain which s common problem after dilevery .try it
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Question: Mera 46 days hua hai c section delivery...can I use belt for reduce my belly
Answer: A maternity belt is used to tie the belly tightly so as to give support to the abdominal organs and muscles. This also helps the organs that are loose to get back to their positions. Consult with your doctor as he/she would know your health and delivery scenario the best. you have had a C-section, you need to wait couple of weeks (or more depending on your wound’s healing) to start tying the stomach. C-section mothers should take it slow as any pressure on the abdomen can interfere with the healing of the deeper layers of the stomach. Some doctors advise new mothers to wait for atleast a day before they take the route to belly wrapping.
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Question: Can i use postpartum support belt to reduce my belly, where its 40days of my c-section delivery
Answer: Try some healthy eating tips that will help u lose weight safely. First do not skip the meal at all try to healthy and full of nutrition. Eat 5 to 6 small meals a day with healthy snacks or fruits in between rather than 3 larger meals. Eat breakfast like idli, poha, stuffed prantha without oil. Choose low fat dairy products. Increase the intake of fluids like juices and soups. Avoid junk food as much as u can. After 3 months in normal delivery case and 6 months in csec u can start doing some yoga or light excersice. Breastfed your baby as much as can coz it will help u to burn calories. As far as belt is concern u should always ask ur gynaecologist if it's good for u or not.
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Question: my s section done on 15 june when should I use abdominal belt to reduce belly
Answer: Hi! First of all have healthy diet , have fruits and veggies. Have plenty of water. Walk for 10 mins. Consult your Doctor before using a maternity belt. Good luck!
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Question: How do i reduce my belly (c-section delivery)? which belt is good?
Answer: Meme products are good u can try
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