38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my delivery date is june 27.my fetus suddenly changed from cephalic to breech now.this is my 37th week.what to do change position into cephalic ?

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Answer: Swaping floor and do some yoga particular for to set position of baby by cephalic
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Question: Hlo how to change baby breech position into cephalic
Answer: hi dear this is a natural process which takes place in between 32 to 37 week of pregnancy so don't worry you are just 29 week of pregnant , but when time comes then walking will be a great help in changing baby's position so little walking with some exercise will help you .
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Question: Once the baby change the postion into cephalic, is there any chance to change the position to breech?
Answer: If the baby's head is fixed then it's not really a chance to move back... However if the head is not fixed baby may move back.. but it happens very rarely.. your doctor will tell you if the head is fixed or not...
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Question: Is there any chance to change baby position from cephalic to breech position..is anything danger
Answer: You can't do any thing. It is fully depends on the baby. But at term baby automatically go to cephalic position. Do some exercise like walking like that, if not doctor check you health condition and advice you c-section or normal delivery ( it is depend on doctor will power )
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