3 months old baby

Question: My 76 days old.. She had heavy hair fall... What I do to reduce hair fall?

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Answer: Hello dear... Usually babys born hair will fall, it is normal, youcan use homemade herbal oil,it will boost hair growth and protect against cold,To make herbal hair ,heat coconut oil with fenugreek,pepper,small onion, curry leaves,hibiscus,saute well,allow it to boil for twenty minutes,until it raw smell goes,use this oil for hair regularly for better results
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    Pavithra murugesan759 days ago

    Thq mam.... Pls tell ratio for ingredients to make this oil

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Question: Hi... My daughter is 3.5months old. I am facing heavy hair fall problem since 10 days. Please suggest how to reduce hair fall.
Answer: Hello Dear i personally didnt use fancy product and actully i believe in home remedies so after my delivery when i started getting hair loss problems i do many homemade tricks like using a homemade hair pack of egg white and olive oil directly on the scalp. Soak fenugreek seeds overnight and apply the strained water directly on the scalp and leave it for an hour or two Include yogurt in your diet and use it as a hair mask too. Massage your hair gently with lukewarm oil before hair wash to improve circulation and increase hair growth.
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Question: How can I reduce hair fall its heavy hair fall to me
Answer: hi dear every women after pregnancy will see is this issue due to the hormonal changes during pregnancy. it is oil bath at least once in a week you can apply aloe vera on yourself and take bath you can also apply egg white on your scalp . this helps in getting the root of the hair strong. for a new growth of hair you can blend coconut and shallots together you can apply this milk on your skin this is the best medicine for hair growth. you can add more karisalankanni keerai on your diet
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Question: After delivery my baby 3 months old. I had hair fall what to do
Answer: Hi dear. Apply fresh aloe vera gel on scalp and leave it for 1 hour amd then wash your hair. Oil your hair with a combination of oils, mix olive oil, castor oil, Coconut oil, apply this oil twice a week, dont forget to do patch test before applying it. Improve your diet, diet too have deep effect on hairfall, take iron and folic acid rich diet , it Will reduce your hairfall problem. Hope this will help
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