2 months old baby

Question: my 67 days old daughter's nose is blocked... how to clean her nose plz suggest

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Answer: Few home remedies for cough & cold in kids – 1) Roast 2-3 cloves of garlic & few pinches of jeera in tawa for a minute. The smell of this mixture will help relieve cold 2) If you are still breastfeeding, apply breast milk on nose 3) Give mild steam 4) Keep baby’s head elevated while sleeping 5) Can apply saline water, it helps to clear stuffy nose 6) Gently apply & massage with warm sarso tail with ajwain in it 7) Give kaada of tulsi, adrak juice & honey little bit
Answer: U can use nasoclear drops...leave it for 1-2mins....then use the suction pump to take the mucus out....u get the suction pumps in maternity stores n even online..
Answer: Use nasal saline drops nd clean with aspirator
Answer: Try saline drops..
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Question: my baby is 52 days old. how to clean her nose?
Answer: Here are the few ways you can clear that tiny tine nose. Saline Nasal Spray Using a saline nasal spray is the safest option for infants, babies, and toddlers. The usage is simple. Just lay the baby down, tilt the head back carefully, and squeeze two or three drops of saline nasal spray into each nostril. It would relieve the congestion and clear the nose Baby Nasal Cleaners Products like rubber bulb syringe or nasal aspirator can efficiently remove mucus from the baby’s nose. A baby nasal cleaner can offer relief to babies, but using the right solution is the key. For babies less than three to six months, use an isotonic (milder) solution. In older babies, using a slightly hypertonic (stronger) solution is good. You can buy the nasal saline solution at medical stores or prepare one at home. Lay your baby down on a soft towel with head slightly tilted upward. Put two to three drops of saline water into the baby’s nose with a dropper. Wait for 30 to 60 seconds. Turn around the baby onto his stomach to let the nose drain. Collect mucus on a tissue. Gently wipe around the nostrils without putting the tissue deep into the baby’s nose. Clean the dropper after every use.
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Question: My daughter's nose is blocked whar to do❓
Answer: Hello! For immediate relief apply saline drops in each nostril. Also you can try giving steam to the baby. Keep your humidifier on for the baby to breathe properly. If there is no humidifier then keep a bowl of warm water near the bed of the baby. Take care
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Question: My baby is 45 days old..her nose is blocked
Answer: Use xylometazoline paediatric nasal drops....one drop each nostril thrice a day for five days
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