Few weeks old baby

Question: my 12 days old baby doesnt want to be covered up with a blanket or towel..is it ok to leave him only with his dress on

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Answer: Hath pair or sir ache se cover hona chahiye Or so jaye to blanket de do nhi to its fine ,
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Question: Hi moms, my 12 days old baby s prefered to sleep on his left side.. is that ok? Or do i need to turn him each time?
Answer: Sleeping on left side is good for every age group. I don't think there is something to concern about . Ur baby is to young so let him sleep in which he feels comfort. U can ask the Dr. If r worried.
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Question: My baby cries everytime i try to feed him, may it be formula milk or any solid food.He doesnt want to eat anything. Can it be a problem?
Answer: Yes. Plz change his food items. Try to make some another food that can be make his taste change. Give him cow milk. His stomach is empty so he cries all tym.
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Question: Hi, My baby will be 4 months old on this 30th of august, he is on complete my feed only still his potty and poo smells a lot.Is it ok or shall I need to check with doctor,please suggest??
Answer: Hi... This may be because you are consuming a lot of dairy products/chocolates etc... if you are, refrain from it ! You can boil some fenugreek(methi) and give the lukewarm water to your baby to drink..you'll definitely see the difference.
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