1 months old baby

Question: My 20 days baby sleep whole day and awake whole night..how to change this habbit

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Answer: It will change over the time....my little girl was same like this she won't sleep whole night nd sleeps a little in day ....now she is 3 month old n she sleeps at night...at a stretch of 3-4 hrs sometimes 5 hrs....nd in day time as well she sleeps nd play.... So give Ur baby time she / he will state sleeping at night. Right now the baby is too young to understand the day night cycle.... Don't worry ...happy parenting ..
Answer: Hello! Your baby is just 20 days and it will take some time. Babies cannot identify between day and night before the age of 3 months. Hence, before that it is difficult to create a routine . For your rest try to sleep when the baby is sleeping. This way you will have rest and not get stressed out. Take care
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Question: My baby sleeps whole day and awake whole night please tell me how can i change schedule of my baby
Answer: Dear Mom, Let baby be awake.in the.morning for a day... Keep the baby active and play with the baby... For one day baby will be cranky but the scheduled will be set right from second day...
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Question: I stay awake till night.. No signs of sleep during whole day.. How to overcome this..
Answer: Hi dear. Sleeping is not less than a battle in pregnancy. Some mothers face sleeping issue right from the beginning of pregnancy, even i faced same. You have a good head massage with warm oil, this will help you to enjoy deep sleep. Never forget to drink a glass of hot milk before going to bed. Do some meditation, it will help your mind to stay relax and will promote sleep. Keep yourself away from all kind of negative thoughts. Go for a walk daily. Try to find your comfortable sleeping position. Pray to God before going to sleep
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Question: My baby sleeps whole day and stays awake whole night. How can i change this schedule of her sleep.
Answer: Try to play with your baby in day time, so the baby will be tierd
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