1 months old baby

Question: My 20 days baby is pooping alot in a very small amount and sometimes in good amount. He farts alot as well. I m really worried. His poop is in yellow sticky. Plzz help wheather its normal or should i see the doctor

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Answer: It's normal for baby. Yellow poop bcs baby must be on breast feeding
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Question: Really worried my son is very reluctant to take in solid food as well as liquids.
Answer: Hi dear Whatever the rest of your family eats can be eaten by them too! You only need to take care to avoid as much salt in the food as possible Dal is packed with protein which helps in muscle development. Dal curry can be eaten with rice or chapatti It’s easy to feed as it contains the goodness of all the vegetables you add in it! For instance, carrot soup would be good for the eyes and potatoes contain fibre. Paratha which is a regular food for the family that can easily be eaten by the baby too! The stuffing of vegetables or paneer makes it a balanced meal. Over cooking the chicken to make it softer is a good idea for your toddler Try this.menu Sunday Puri Bhajji, Watermelon Scoops, Khichdi, Cheese pieces, Barley Porridge Monday Besan ka Chilla, Bananaslices,Chappati and dal,Bread rolls, Paneer parantha Tuesday EggSandwich, Fried Apple rings, Curd rice,Ragi Laddu, Masoor dal kichdi with curd, Wednesday Caulifower parantha,Cucumber sticks,Rajma Rice,Banana Shake,Cereal with milk Thursday Idli,Ragi dosa,Kadhi Chawal,Chicken curry rice, Steamed dosa Friday Chapatti with soya chunks curried, Halved grapes, Mixed Veg Kichdi, Apple shake, Chicken soup Saturday Aloo parantha, Cereal with milk, French toast. Rice with egg curry,
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Question: Hi i am 8 week pregnant.I have brown discharge in very small amount bt sometimes is it serious
Answer: in most cases, it’s completely harmless. The most common cause is irritation: As you know (or will soon find out), the surge of hormones and increased blood flow to the cervix can make it super-sensitive when you’re expecting. So sometimes, sexual intercourse or a pelvic exam can aggravate your cervix, resulting in a bit of brown discharge or even light spotting.
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Question: Is wet farts normal in 2 months old baby? My baby becomes very uncomfortable while pooping and i always see stains on his diaper even when he has only peed
Answer: Hi ma'am this is common in infants...I would suggest only breastfeed.... Because the baby is so small you cant feed anything else... Make sure that you don't have anything which is gastric.....and also make baby burp after every feed... Take care..
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