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Question: My 11 days baby is not going for motion since 3 days.what should I do?

Answer: Hi There are no hard and fast rules. In the early months it will depend on whether you're breastfeeding or formula feeding your baby. Breastfed babies who are not on solids may passstool four times a day or more, or only once every six to seven days. All variations between these extremes is considered normal as long as the stools are soft and your baby is gaining enough weight.  Formula-fed babies normally need to poop every day to feel comfortable and avoid constipation. Lots of babies strain and cry a bit when they poo, but it doesn't mean there's a problem. As long as your baby's stool is soft and easy to pass, there's no cause for concern. 
Answer: Hi,baby has got constipation.you should include this in your diet. Have adequate water Have prunes juice Have a bowl of mashed papaya Have banana Green vegetables Carrots This should help the baby to pass motion. If still baby is not passing motion,you should consult the Dr.
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Question: My 2 months 20 days kid is not going for motion since 3 days what to do ?
Answer: Nothing to do, it's normal, just wait for few more days. If he has colic use heeng (asafoetida) . mix it with few drops of water n put it on navel and stomach it will help.
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Question: My baby not going for motion since 3 days . Y it so
Answer: Hi dear, babies go no pooping for days , they tend to digest milk wholly. Only consider pee count 6 or above daily n if it's dere baby is hydrated.
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Question: My baby is not passing stool since 2 days.What should I do?
Answer: Breast fed babies almost never get constipated where as for formula fed babies usually face this problem. Do the bicycle legs. Take babies temperature. Massage her tummy. Place the baby on her back n rub with ur plam in clock wise motion. For a minute or 2. Give ur baby a warm bath the thing is the hot water will soothe ur baby. Getting him to relax so he can let go of everything he s holding. Never use a laxative as babies are too little they can get seriously dehydrated and lead to other complications.
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