7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My daughter vomits 4 to 5 times a day.is it normal?chances of twins??

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Answer: It's usually happens in pregnancy so she should take some medicines for it. Plz visit doctor to get recipe. Heavy Vomiting is not a sign of having twins it's a myth. As she is 7 weeks now she is supposed to do first sonography for baby heartbeating and only from that you will if there are twins or single baby.
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Question: Hi, friends my baby's age 37 days, she vomits 4-5 times in a day .Is it normal?
Answer: Dear pls burp the baby well by keeping the baby on your shoulder. This take around 15 minutes to half an hour. Keep the head end if the bed elevated by around 30 degrees when making the baby lie down on the bed after burping. Don't use a pillow directly under baby's head but keep it below the bed so that head end of the bed is elevated. If baby's weight gain is good and active then nothing needs to be done. Gradually they stop it as they grow up.
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Question: Baby poops 4 times a day.Is it normal?
Answer: Hello dear!It is completely normal to poop once in 7 days or upto 7 times in a day!Do not worry unless the stool is completely watery and persists the same way more the 3 times.Rush your baby to the paediatrician in that case to make sure that your baby does not get dehydrated!Also keep the temperature in check,if it rises,definitely rush to the doctor.
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Question: My baby is passing motion too frequently almost 5 times a day.is it normal?she is 4 months old now
Answer: Hie Yes 4 times a day is fine for s four month old Babies often change their bowel movement untill 6 months Post that it gets more on the regular side
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