3 years old baby

Question: My daughter suffering from constipation from last 4month she is already on medication (H Peg) and some time we are using glycerin suppositories but v are not getting satisfaction result

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Answer: Hiie my baby also have same constipation .his eyes became watery . My friends advised to boil a teaspoon of fennel seeds in a cup of water. Cool and strain the decoction and give this to baby three to four times a day.papaya, prunes nd apple juice is also helpful. U can try it akso nd massage to ur babies tummy in circular motion nd leg cycling nd 2 ounces water in 24 hours also works .try it Boil one small tomato with one cup of water. Cool and strain the mixture. Give three to four spoons of this juice to your baby on a daily basis to avoid constipation.
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Question: My baby girl is 15 days old and suffering from constipation from last 4 days she do pottie only one time any suggestion i m worried??
Answer: After every feed do burping to her and massage her tummy with like warm coconut oil and keep hot hotel on her tummy ...burping removes excess gas from stomach
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Question: My baby not eating she was drinking milk she is suffering from nasal congestion... Am using spray also but she is not recovering what should I do now
Answer: Dear due 2 nasal congestion baby s not able to drink milk . So give steam to baby twice a day ,put 1 1drop nasoclear into nose twice s day its gives relirf to baby .add 1pinch turmeric in formula milk nf give it to baby .give plenty of fluids. Liquids are important to avoid dehydration. .try it
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Question: She is suffering from constipation from last 2 days and stomach not clear.
Answer: Put few drops of almond oil in your kids warm milk. It will help with constipation in kids. There is no harm in giving almond oil it will benefit kids in their growth.
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