6 months old baby

Question: My daughter s in her 6 th month. She has started her solid foods and by night with idly or dosa. But she still wakes up every 3 hours in night. If bf she settles down, do I need to feed her whenever she wokes or any Other technique to make her sleep?

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Answer: Hello! Babies at this age cannot sleep for long hours. Sleeping through out the night comes with age as it is a part of milestone which happens as the brain develops between 2-3 years of age. Hence don't worry of the baby waking up so much. Take care
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Question: My baby is now 15 days old. I can feed her during night since she wakes up. But during daytime she doesn't wake up regularly as at night. It's difficult to make her wake up as well. So I can't feed her in every 2 hours time during daytime. What am I supposed to do for this matter?
Answer: No need to worry . Try to give feed 2nd hourly or not able to give during day time then no need to worry so much.because during night baby can get enough nutrition.. you should feed 8-10times in 24hours..
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Question: My 8 month old doesn't eat well. She refuses formula milk or any other milk form. I have tried every possible combination with milk. She only bf and eats very little. She wakes up every other hour in the night for feed. I need to join office but her refusal of outside milk and less food intake is holding me back. Kindly advise.
Answer: Hello! It is common in breastfed babies to refuse any other milk. Try some one from the family apart from you giving milk to her. It will have many rejections but slowly she will start accepting. Also avoid force feeding. Let the baby have food as much as it wants to have. Don't worry. Keep trying it will be fine. Take care
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Question: what type of foods in night will help baby to sleep through night. 11months baby still wakes up every 2 hours for feed.
Answer: Hello! it is normal for the baby to wake up in the night a couple of times. Generally sleeping through the night is a milestone which is achieved only when the brain is fully developed. Hence, what ever you give him, he will wake up attached night.
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