5 months old baby

Question: My daughter of 5 month's .... has black things in her poop... is there any risk

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Answer: I do not worry Sometimes this can also be if your baby is taking any iron supplements therefore it is better to consult to the doctor to be on the safe side
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Question: My daughter got loose motion and her poop is white is there any problem
Answer: Hello dear.. Loose motion can happen due to dehydration, allergic to some foods. If it occurs with mild fever, it is better to consult pediatrician. I will say some home remedies that will work better... Avoid milk to your baby for couple of days, because lactobacillus present in milk will increase loose stools Boil water with ajwan or cumin seeds, filter this water and feed your baby.. it will improve digestion Avoid oil,fried foods to your baby Give buttermilk once or twice,it helps to prevent loose stools Feed him with blank foods like curd rice,bread. hope these tips helps for you..
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Question: My daughter has a mosquito mosquito and her body is black in color and how to get that black color
Answer: I apply calak lotion on the affected area twice a day.
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Question: Is there any risk of 115 fasting sugar in 5 weak of pregnancy
Answer: Hi yes dear. It's high. It should be below 95 that's the range. You could try these remedies In order to cope with gestational diabetes, constant checking of blood sugar level should be done. Also exercising regularly and taking proper meals helps cope with the problem. Stay in constant touch with the doctor and do urine tests as well. It's common don't worry if u r on insulin then don't wry nothing will affect ur baby and if u r on precautions only then take precautions strictly don't have sweets and have only sugar free items only apple and fruits and no rice no potatoes no veggies of under ground no tea or coffee or cold drink of sugar If u r on insulin its better because u need to eat alot and eat what ever u want just adjust ur doze according to it U hv to avoid rice , sugar products, potatoes, Split ur meal, don't eat at one time only, walking is best to control sugar after Every meal u should walk.
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