7 months old baby

Question: my daughter keeps scratching her left ear.

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Answer: If while scratching she seems cranky or irritated then that is a serious concern..u need to check with the doctor for ear infection.. If she is doing it just in play..then its absolutely normal..babies do follow some action repeatedly
Answer: My son had the same problem...he always scratching his eyes and ears...Dr told it is for cold...so you must careful...becz baby drinking milk from you...
Answer: Hello dear this is may be due to teething dear.. Encourage your baby with frozen teething rings, frozen cucumber pieces or frozen carrots..
Answer: Keep your baby careful when bathing..don't bath very much...and wash head a few
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Question: My baby does black poop everytime . What should i Do? Also while breast feeding, she keeps on scratching her left ear. What could be the problem?
Answer: Black poop is something that need to be examined by the pediatrician as breast fed babies do not poop black in colour...and the ear scratching is because of excessive wax deposition or ear infection or boredom... However please do consult with your pediatrician and get it checked dear..
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Question: My baby is continuously scratching her left ear.. what should I do..??
Answer: Hi dear,check if dr is any puss or not..if yes then clean out d puss with soft cotton swab..or if not..then indicate some infection n then consult with doctor..
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Question: My daughter keeps on scratching her ears, putting finger in mouth and applying toungue on lips. Some times due ear's scratching blood also comes out. What to do ?
Answer: Find it out the reason of scratching.trim baby nails every week.if the ear is set,baby would feel itching too.aplly mustard oil on outer part of the ear.
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Question: My daughter is 50 days old she is scratching her right ear continuously..and crying non-stop..is it normal ??
Answer: Hi. It can be ear infection kindly take her to doctor.
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