5 years old baby

Question: My daughter is 4.5 years old.. she is having bed wetting problem.. what to do...

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Answer: Hello dear.. These steps will helps you incontrolling bed wetting in night,.. Make a habit of using restroom before bed is essential, so that they won't pee in midnight Limit the intake of fluids ,after six in eve,it will help Set an alarm for couple of hours,and make him wake-up to use rest room, continuous practice will helps to identify natural call without help
Answer: Yes dear.. I do same.. but she does it 4 to 5 times every night
Answer: you make her a habit go to wash room before go to bed everyday
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Question: My daughter is 6.9 years old . Still she has bed wetting problem. How to solve it?
Answer: It takes lot of patience and time to make your baby getting used to the new routine.kids who have bed wetting habit are often having behavioural or poor habit.try to observe the pattern of behaviour,if your child has some anxiety issue.if baby is aggressive,impatient or abnormally silent.if your child is normal behaviour wise then it is definitely due to the poor habits.make sure baby is not drinking much fluid post 6 pm.restrict to one -two glass of water post 6 pm.make sure you are making your child pee prior sleeping without forgetting.this helped in my daughter's case.for first few days make your baby pee in middle of night .slowly it would stop.keep to this routine continue.,..,.
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Question: My daughter is 4year old but she do bed wetting what I do for her she can't do at night
Answer: Hi as you need to give her toilet training. And in a day you should take her to pee and potty at regular intervals which helps. And at night also for some days you wake her up and take her to toilet for pee. After few days baby will be able to tell about pee and potty.
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Question: My daughter is 5 years old... she is in habit of bed wetting...how to help her out..
Answer: Hi dear u can make a powfer of cinnabon and give it to baby by spreading it in toast with some honey. It will help baby getting away from bed wetting. Also refrain giving more of liquid after 6 pm. Do take ur baby to pee beore sleeping
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