7 months old baby

Question: My daughter is 7months old but she is not eating anything like dal rice water, cerelac, mashed banana, milk

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Answer: Start with dal and rice water dont give or force her...if she use feeding bottle u can give dal water in it...and for cerelac mashed banana have patience once she gets used to rice water and dal water she will gradually start liking for semi solid food
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Question: My daughter is 7months old still she is not eating
Answer: Dear it is normal for the babies to be fussy while starting semi solids. First of all try to understand what you baby likes. Some babies likes sweet and some like the salty ones. So understand that first. And initially please note ur baby may just take only a single spoon a day so do not be disheartened it is normal 1 spoon is sough to introduce the food to ur baby. And atleast 3 days are required for the baby to get families with the food. So have lots of patience and gradually increase the quantity. Start with mashes fruits, potatoes and daal. Hope it helps.
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Question: My daughter does not eat rice or khichdi..she eats only cerelac..I'm worried.when will she start eating rice dal?
Answer: Hello It all depends on yu dear. Instead of cerelac try feeding the little one with khichdi change the flavour of khichdi with lots of added veggies. Dal yu can add half tomato half onion little garlic n try mixing in dal n rice. Add different veggies wT ever yu cook at home keep with out chilli for yur baby. Add in normal food n mash well n try feeding him. Once twice he will reject but once he develops taste he vl crave for it. Cerelac is sweet does he like in sweet form try adding sugar in dal chawal. Dear motherhood is juggling things do n see change Take care
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Question: I started giving idly mashed with moong dal water to my baby but she not eating properly ,shows like vomiting
Answer: Hello dear, you could start by giving easily digestible food like rice ganji, suji kheer, ragi ganji, fruits puree, vegetable soups... further you can use dates, dried grapes pureed or mashed to sweeten the baby's food.. they're natural sweeteners... Baby’s first food should be semi-liquid, gradually move to thick consistency as your baby learns to eat... Idli and moong dal water may seem tasteless to the baby so add in some dates syrup or mashed banana to enhance the taste... I am sure she will enjoy it...
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