1 months old baby

Question: My daughter is 20days old and there is little red in colour in her poop. Is it normal???

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Answer: No.. Consult doctor it may be some infection.
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Question: My baby is 5 days old and her poop is green in colour and watery in texture ? Is it normal ?
Answer: Hie Green poop is often a result of imbalance in hindmilk and foremilk as long as your baby is content and gaining weight there is no reason to bother The watery milk that comes in first from your breast is called as foremilk it is rich in lactose and nutrients but low on calories while the hind milk comes down approximately 5-10 min later and is thicker and creamier comparatively And rich in fats that help baby gain weight Excess of foremilk which is lactose results in green poop in babies The solution to this would be ensure your baby empties one breast before moving on to the other At times a overflow of milk may also cause green poop
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Question: My daughter 's poop colour is light pale in colour and watery . Is it normal or not. Please suggest me.
Answer: Light pale yellow is normal...of its very watery then please look out for loose motion symptoms...if it repeats many times then please consult your baby's doctor once..
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Question: My daughter is 5 month old. Little little red dots in her tonque edge. Is it harmful r not
Answer: Dear dont worry this may be due to over heatness . Give her highly boiled water. Also give her home made fresh curd. Soon she will get well
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