20 months old baby

Question: My daughter is 1yr n 8 mnth old.. her weight is 11.8 she used to pee alot like after every 30 min smtimes at the interval of 10 15 mintues also.. please suggest me something

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Answer: Hello! Peeing at regular interval is not a problem. It is absolutely fine, this means that your baby is well hydrated. Babies do not have bladder control as of now. Hence, you need not worry. Babies who are active and achieving the milestones are absolutely fine. Take care
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Question: hi my daughter is 8 months old she sleeps at 12Am in night n wakes up at 11 30 Am n by the time she eats breakfast it's 12 den she takes a nap at 3 to 5 den she has her lunch at 5 30 n den dinner at 10 30 is her food timing ok she doesn go to sleep early I have tried n due to which her food timing is this.
Answer: Don't worry. As baby physical activity is limited to crawling so she has this timing. After 2 to 3 months once she will start walking then her time will.gey adjust as she will start going to park and will get set to ur routine. Still if u want to change her routine give her dinner bit early and there is quite a long gap in her meals. Plz give some healthy snacks to her after every 2 hours . If u give her dinner at 8 then give her a good massage and a good warm bath. These process make baby feel sleepy. Take her to quite and dim lighted room and sing lullaby. May be with this process she will sleep.and u can correct the sleeping timing of baby.
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Question: Pls pls help my daughter didnt sleep in afternoon and night also demand feed in every 15 min she is not hungry i give her food dal and mashed roti at 1 at 2 i give her bf for half an hour then also she wakes up in every 15 min and cry try colimax also
Answer: Is she accepting feeds and food? If yes, then this could be her growth spurt where baby wants food all the time. If not, check her tummy, if it is tight and she has gas trouble. If so, apply hing paste near her belly button in circular motion... Take care
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Question: Hello mam my daughter is premature...born at 7 n half mnth...her birth weight was 1.7kg...nw she is 8 mnth old n her weight is 6.5kg...is it ok.....she don t like milk.....plz tell me what to giv her to eat n need chart tooo...
Answer: Please feed her properly.. Otherwise you can give malt made at home with dry fruit powder... Banana egg milk
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