4 months old baby

Question: My daughter is 3 n 1/2 months old is it necessary to burp her now

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Answer: Yes its required otherwise the baby will vomit. Till 6 months burping is required
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Question: My daughter is 2 months n 20 days old now can I apply homemade kajal to her it is safe
Answer: Hi It is best if you can avoid it as even homemade kajal can carry dust particles in it which might irritate your baby eyes and cause discomfort
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Question: My girl baby is 3 months n 6 days old n her birth weight is 3 1/2 then how much she should weigh now normally
Answer: A healthy newborn is expected to lose 7% to 10% of the birth weight, but should regain that weight within the first 2 weeks or so after birth. During their first month, most newborns gain weight at a rate of about 1 ounce (30 grams) per day. Or 1 kg of weight each month till 6 month of age. So according to your babies birth you can calculate it.
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Question: My daughter is 1 year and 3 months old,her weight is 7.800 kg ,is it normal or low?
Answer: Dear ideally your baby's weight should be between 8kg to 12kgs. So your baby is doing fine in terms of weight. You can increase the intake of weight gaining foods like ghee, banana, ragi, oats, potatoes, pulses and whole wheat which helps in weight gain. Hope it helps.
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