1 months old baby

Question: my daughter is 41days ,my aunty saying that we should give her 1tspoon castard oil and a spoon of mother milk is that good for my baby

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Answer: No dear, castor oil use, when baby potty is not clear, if your baby don't have these type of symptoms, avoid giving.
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Question: Figaro olive oil is good for massage for my 41days old baby...
Answer: Choosing a massage oil for baby mostly depends on his skin. If he suffers from dry skin then coconut oil is best, but if you don't want to use coconut during winter you can very well use sesame oil. You can also use mustard oil , but it's largely avoided due to chances of contamination. If your baby’s skin is normal to oily then go with olive or almond oil.
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Question: hi...My baby girl is 1month9day some ladies r suggesting me to give 1tsp of castard Oil with milk to get good digaition nd releif from stomach problems I should give or avoid this??plz answer
Answer: No never try such things... That too 1spn of castor oil is too much for a baby..... It wil give loose motion n baby might get cold n fever if j give so much oil...
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Question: My daughter is 2 months old and I want to give formula milk will it be good for her health
Answer: breast milk is always good but if u want to give you can
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Question: Caan we give a spoon of castor oil to the baby to relieve constipation. He is constantly straining himself for the bowel movement but it is not happening
Answer: Hi! Please do not try any such thing with a six months old baby it can be dangerous for the babies health if your baby is constipated please feed prune puree carrot puree oats with milk there are a lot of option like this to feed a baby to help the baby to have a good bowel movement castor oil is not the solution please do not feed that ..
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