6 months old baby

Question: My daughter is 6 months old n her birth weight was 2.6 kg,now she is of 5.4 kg.is this ok or underweight she is.plz reply

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Answer: Hello She is normal dear.. By 6 months Baby should attain double her birth weight..
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Question: Now my baby is completed 5 months . Her birth weight is 2.6 kg and today her weight is 6 kg .is it normal or underweight.
Answer: She have good weight or under weight dont worry untill your baby is active and healthy. Keep breastfeeding your baby that helps in gaining weight. Once baby completes 6 months you can start with top food. So baby will gratually increase weight. Every baby gain weight according to its body nature.
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Question: Hello, my daughter is 9 months 2 weeks old. Her birth weight was 2.6 kg nd nw she weighs 7.2 kg. Is it ok??
Answer: Hi dear, Since the birth weight was less, accordingly,it is ok,but still underweight.Baby weight is directly proportional to the healthy food.at times baby looks leaner but weight wise seems fine.every baby has its own pace of growth.as a mother you need to keep giving baby,healthy food options,and avoid any sugary food,or refined foods.give plenty of veggies ,fruits,daal, rice.healthy carbohydrates would help in gaining more weight for your baby.idli,dosa,Dalia,oats are some good options.dry fruits etc would also help in gaining weight.also make sure baby is not force fed.remember baby needs to be active rather than obese.healthy weight and overweight needs to be cleared.you want a healthy weight in your baby ,never try hard to make your child fat,..
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Question: My baby birth weight is 3.100 kg now she is 6 month old n weight is 6.5 kg....is it OK or she is underweight
Answer: Agr baby active h to ..weight thoda km h...koi bt nhi.ap use ab fruit puree dijiae jsse apple,banana mash keke dijiae...use daal ka pani pilae .. rice water (chawL pani ) dijiae . Jisse solid se introduce hoga baby or active b hoga and weight increase b hoga
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Question: My baby is 7 months old...she weighs 6.5 kg now.Her birth weight was 3.125 kg.Is she underweight?? What foods can I giv to increase her body weight?
Answer: Hi dear. Your baby weight is little less but if bbay is healthy, happy and active then you shouldn't worry about baby's weight. You can give moong daal, rice water, Ragi porridge, homemade cerelac, pomegranate juice and apple juice.
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