6 months old baby

Question: My daughter is 6 months old. Her weight is 6.9 kg . From the last two months her weight is constant. Plz tell what do i do?

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Answer: Hi,don't worry now that your baby is 6 months you can start with solids .you can give Mashed fruits Fruit puree Dal Pani Dal soup. Rice Pani Veg clear soup Along with the BM/FM this will help the baby to put on weight. Sometimes when the baby is very active.he doesent put in more weight. So don't worry.hopefulky with introducing of solids this will help the baby to put on weight
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Question: My baby is 119days old...but her weight is4 kg...plz tell what i do
Answer: Breast feed your babby frequently and include fresh veggies fruits milk n etc in your dite which will produce good BM
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Question: My baby girl is 3.5 month old..her weight is 6.9 kg..birth weight is 2.6 kg..is that normal ??
Answer: Hello! As per the average growth and birth weight the growth is good. But do keep a check on the weight gain. Too much of weight gain is also not good which might also become a problem in achieving milestone. Take care
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Question: My baby is 8 month old n weight is just 6.9 kg... What should I do to increase her weight
Answer: Banana n dry fruits .. banana is the most for weight gain n also lil bit ghee
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