3 months old baby

Question: My daughter is 3 months n 15 days so can I have fruit jiuce one spoon a day one time?

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Answer: Hllo dear ur baby s 3 months 15 days old she s do small for semi solids. The best time to gives solid s after 6 months ...when babies neck s hold properly ..as babies digestive system s weak they cannot digest before 6 month ..
Answer: Hi! No fruit juice or soup or daal or anything other than milk, nothing is suggested to be fed to the baby unless baby turns 6 months of her age.. Hope this helps!
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    Jazz Mehta716 days ago

    Thank you

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Question: I have fever since two days so can i feed my one month daughter?
Answer: Yes dear, During any “ordinary” illness such as a cold, sore throat, flu, tummy bug, fever, mastitis, etc. you should continue to breastfeed. ... As long as the symptoms are confined to the gastrointestinal tract (vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps),breastfeeding should continue without interruption as there is no risk to the baby.
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Question: Can we give a spoon of fruit juice to 3 months old baby?
Answer: Hi Yes you can give which are more tasty and easily digestion fruits. But dont give at the time of kids having cold and cough. However prioritise to give mother feeding as primary.
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Question: my baby is 16 months old. I m giving nestle cerelac one time a day, not more than 3 spoon. is it ok? or I should stop it. also, I m giving her solid food n fruits.
Answer: Hi ma'am totally fine if you are giving cerelac to your baby once in a day..in fact doctors also suggest to give cerelac to babies because it has those nutrients which are essential for baby growth and as you said you are also giving fruits and food to baby so that is also perfectly fine if your baby is having it happily.. it seems you are following good diet of your baby ..don't worry continue the same routine ma'am.. take care..
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