7 months old baby

Question: My daughter is 8 month old...she showed upnormal finger movement like pointing one finger and rotating all fingers and twisting all fingers....she is not crawl. Even not try to crawl..totally i m depressed....is any correlation with finger movements and brain abnormalities....feel very fear.....plz reply

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Answer: Please don't get afraid. Try to help her to crawl. Give support to her tiny feet to move herself. Some kids will be slow. If you have any doubt please contact pediatric
Answer: Hi dear Plz don't worry Many babies do not crawls so it's ok. Do not think negative may be she will learn to stand or walk. It's absolutely fine to skip some steps.
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Question: hello...my daughter is about 2yrs 9 months old and she keep her thumb finger in her mouth we try alot to stop but she not leaving what should i do..
Answer: Hi, Here's how to handle it correctly: Don't tell your child, ‘You cannot suck your thumb anymore, Try to recognize him and praise him when she's not sucking her thumb instead of criticizing when she is."... DO talk to your child about her thumb sucking or finger sucking. "Help your child understand that when she is ready to stop, you will be there to help. She will eventually come to you and tell you, ‘Mommy, I don't want to suck my thumb anymore,' because you've empowered her to get there." DO practice self-awareness with your child. "When your child is sucking his thumb, ask him, ‘Do you know you are sucking your thumb now?'" Hayes says. "If he says no, help him recognize that, and find another way to soothe him if he needs it, like a blanket or stuffed animal." DON'T use the nasty-tasting stuff that is marketed to stop thumb sucking and finger sucking. "It's just cruel.... DO come up with creative ways to help your child understand that he is growing up and one day won't suck his thumb anymore. "Ask your child, ‘Do you think Bob the Builder sucks his thumb?'" Hayes says. "Then they'll think about, and start to process whether they want to be sucking their thumbs anymore." DON'T try a glove or a mitten on the hand as a quick-fix to thumb or finger sucking. "This will just frustrate them and cause more anxiety," Anderson says. "Likely, they're old enough to just take it off, and as a result, they'll just want to suck more."... DO remember that a child will grow out of the need for thumb sucking or finger sucking when he's good and ready. "While parents may not like it, it's best left alone. Kids will eventually give it up."  
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Question: My baby is not yet all sleeping during night time....if we try to get her into sleep, she is crying and also not sleeping even though she was sleepy.... what to do?
Answer: Hie Help baby differentiate between day and night During day feeds talk to him, light up the room let sunlight in , play with him While by the night dim the lights make it quiet and calm don't play or talk to baby Establish a night routine baby love it if they know all having a routine helps them know what happens next and gradually they follow it  Dream feed your baby hunger is the most common reasons for baby to wake up early from his sleep . Give your baby a sponge bath or just massage him lightly with a lotion as it gets absorb fast ,put on a fresh pair of clothes ,dim the light and rock your baby to sleep Massaging the baby every night will help baby destress and sleep for longer duration of time it will also relieve body ache and promote better blood circulation Swaddling helps baby sleep well and for a longer duration of time as it creates womb like atmosphere
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Question: My daughter is 11 months 15 days old. She has not started walking even independent standing. What can i do to make her walk before 1 year. When i try to walk her by support she prefer to sit and crawl. She can stand with support
Answer: If your toddler is developing normally in other ways, it might be that she/he just hasn't had enough encouragement or opportunity.  Limit the use of baby walkers and bouncers which can prevent leg muscles from fully developing.Delay introducing shoes until your baby walks well inside. Walking barefoot improves balance and coordination.Child proof your home and allow your baby to walk in a safe and familiar environment.When your baby is cruising along furniture, challenge them by increasing the distance between each piece of furniture, as possible, to encourage your baby to take small steps.When your baby is close to independent walking, walk your child with support everywhere until they can do it on their own. Walking is a mindset for your child.When holding your baby’s hand, bring your hand down lower to lessen the support you are providing. This will help build endurance, balance, and confidence in your baby.Have your baby stand with their back against a wall. Step away from your baby and call out to them with your arms outstretched. Encourage your baby to take  lunging steps towards you and into your arms.
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