12 months old baby

Question: My daughter is 11 month old.Her weight is 8 kg.I went to doctor he said your daughter is very active don't worry she will gain weight. He has prescribed us neogain powder.From last three days she is not eating properly. Suggest me diet chart to increase her weight

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Question: My daughter is 3.11months .she's not eating food properly she's is very thin & not gain her weight what should I do to gaining her weight..
Answer: Hllo dear some babies r fussy eater....they dont want to eat any thing . feed food to baby s not a easy job.. u have to struggle so much.... lets her busy in watching tv..watching cartoons...lishning rhymes or give musical toys .when see she s busy then feed food 2 baby try it my baby also have sane he troubles me too much while taking food I try it it's works u can try it also if it's works its good otherwise consult 2 pediatrian he suggest syrup nd baby ll hungry nd take food try it .and give healthy diet 2 ur baby its helpful in increasing weight give 3 times milk nd 3 times complete food . Add milk ,cheese , butter paneer ,Tofu, green vegetables , fresh fruits , ragi ,oats ,sooji ,fruit juices , nuts in ur babies diet . And don't give pizza ,burger type food . It's not safe try to give home made food slowly slowly she ll takes try it best of luck . 👍
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Question: I have 3 years old daughter. She is under weight. I don't know why she didn't gain weight. She is active.
Answer: Hi dear. Firstly I want to request u to not get worry just be seeing the baby size as if she is thin or fat. The main thing which u need to consider is the average weight of baby as per age as well if the baby is active, growing and attending milestones as per standard, eating well , doing potty and pee properly , sleeping well. These are the symptom of a healthy baby. Also for increasing the weight of baby at this age u should massage her every day , give proper semi solid diet and reduce the liquid intake like milk. Give banana , sweet potato, oats, curd , chicken fish whole grain Roti's , lentils , broccoli, rice apple as they play a bug role in increasing baby weight. Do give at least 3 proper semi solid meal and introduce finger food if teeth of baby has grown. Reglar good diet will improve the baby weight if baby is underweight. All the best.
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Question: My daughter is 1 year 4 month old she not eating and she not weight gain pls suggest me my daughter weight gain and food chart
Answer: Offer variety of foods to baby and introduce finger foods also. If you still give purees to ur baby then u must stop. You may also start to wean off the baby from breast feed by skipping one feed at a time. So the diet includes early morning start with the milk at around 6am then breakfast at around 10am u can give idli, chilla of besan or suji or atta at mid morning at 12 or 12:30 pm u can offer French fries, stir fried veggies, soup or Makhana. For lunch at 2 u can give daily, oats, khichdi, veg pulao with dahi, wheat pasta or stuffed prantha. Then evening u can give fruits, shakes, smoothies, yogurt then dinner at 8 or 8:30 pm give daal rice sabzi or roti. So basically ur baby can eat the same food from family pot.
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