2 years old baby

Question: my daughter is 24 month old but she doesn't nothing so her weight is not increasing

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Answer: this problem happens with all babies. when u feed her keep her busy in rhymes, music and with other things.offer her 5 meals 3 solids 2 snacks and milk also. try to offer her new and innovative food. never force her to eat. sometimes babies dont want to eat anything then leave her and let her feel hunger.
Answer: sorry she doesn't eat nothing
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Question: my daughter is 2 year 8 month she doesn't eat nothing only eat chocolate ,I m so afraid because her weight is not increasing (9kg h)
Answer: It is a pretty common problem, so for starters don’t worry. If she loves chocolate so much, tell her she will get one ONLY after she finishes the meal you have for her. Also it’s time to make the meals different and interesting, kids tend to have a liking for fast foods, so make healthier options of it at home. You can make noodles or pasta at home with vegetables like carrot, capsicum, broccoli and use lighter sauce for digestion. If she is not eating fruits then make juices or shakes and additionally use some dry fruit or ice-cream to make it attractive. Hope she eats well soon!
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