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Question: My daughter is 4 month baby she crying always in night time not sleeping full night

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Answer: It's a phase which will pass, mean while what are you eating. Eat food which is easy to digest and give baby tummy time and make sure you give burp after every feed
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Question: Hello mam...my baby night time not sleeping crying crying everyday...day time she sleeping twice...
Answer: Check just in case if she is having constipation. Give gripe water and see if she gets relief and sleep. For sleep u can try massaging the baby just before the sleep which has an amazing affect on the baby and massage followed by slight exercise makes the baby tired and they get a sound sleep. Massaging twice a day suggested for hyper active babies.
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Question: My baby just 3 month only. She is full time crying and not sleeping... Y maam
Answer: Make sure ur baby is getting feed nd she is not colic. Give enough milk and burp the baby before putting him down.
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Question: My 17 days baby is not sleeping in night.. She is crying whole night in
Answer: My doc if ur baby sleeps during day peacefully then being awake at night is normal and this might change after 3 months..enjoy ur night shift😊
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Question: my two month baby cry always...even she is not sleeping properly..she is not sleeping in night at all...i tried everything...bt she always cry
Answer: Hi dear it's normal baby cries during night. They are new to this world and they need soem time adjust this new world. Keep breastfeeding your baby dear. As time goes they will be fine. Keep baby to your arms and feed it helps dear baby feel secure. Check if baby have gastric problem dear massage baby tummy with castor oil clock wise and anti clock wise motion which helps releasing gass. Put baby on its stomach which helps in relasing gass. Their sleeping pattern keeps changing as they grow .dont worry keep breastfeeding your baby.
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