4 months old baby

Question: My daughter is having white mucus discharge from her eyes... what is the reason for the same and what are the remidies

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Answer: See to the doctor.. It may be some infection
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Question: My daughter 4year 6months is having white spots in her neck, what is the reason and what should I do?
Answer: Hii it may be possible she has some vitamin deficiency or some allergy. With seeing it noone can guess. Plz consult Dermatologist so that they can give remedy in first hand . All the best.
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Question: My daughter having cough and cold.and from her eyes tears are coming.reply
Answer: Hi dear! Cough and cold is usually due to infection and fever indicates that body is fighting against the infection, in fact we are also facing same problem with our baby but after a lot of reading i found some basic easily available things which can help it cure and strengthen the immunity. *You can give honey and ginger in every hour to the baby.. *Try honey with cinnamon, pinch of Turmeric and pepper. Works like magic i hv started using it and this concoction can be given on a daily basis throughout the year to build immunity as well m yet to see a result which hopefully i will see in winters.. *Increase the intake of Vit C rich fruits like mausambi juice, orange, pomegranate, etc. all kinds of veggies.. Hope this helps!
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Question: is brown discharge.. and mucus plug are same.. i am having very little littlr brown discharge from morning
Answer: Hello! mucus plug is a heavy discharge with streaks of blood in it. In your case if it is such, then it is mucus plug. Please contact your doctor even if it is not available mucus plug. Your doctor should know about it .
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