2 months old baby

Question: My daughter is 50 days old she is scratching her right ear continuously..and crying non-stop..is it normal ??

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Answer: Hi. It can be ear infection kindly take her to doctor.
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Question: my daughter keeps scratching her left ear.
Answer: If while scratching she seems cranky or irritated then that is a serious concern..u need to check with the doctor for ear infection.. If she is doing it just in play..then its absolutely normal..babies do follow some action repeatedly
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Question: My baby is 2 months old and from past 2 days she is scratching her left ear.
Answer: Hai madam if your baby have cold it may cause some ear pain in babies , if not please consult a doctor . Please like my comment if it is helpful
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Question: Hai my daughter 2 months old her right eye always had fully of waterha and continuously eyepoop is it normal
Answer: Hi dear, watery eyes in newborn  baby is common problem..some time you may also feel yellow discharge is coming out from eyes  so just take care of few things.# clean your baby's eyes# dip cotton in warm filtered water and keep cleaning it on regular intervals# sometime it may cause due to blocked tear ducts so to open the tear duct press sides of baby's eyes with slowly and lightly otherwise your baby's eyes may swell. After few days it will cure if doesn't happen or yellow discharge start coming from both the eyes it may due to eye infection ., In that case you should seek help from your doctor
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