Few days old baby

Question: My daughter is 7 days old.she have jaundice at level of 18 mg.we have kept her under blue light.will she recover soon?

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Answer: Feed the baby every two hours. Jaundice will go off by urine feed him as much.
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Question: my daughter is just 7 days old, and she got jaundice, what to do??? 😥
Answer: Dont worry dear. Many new born babies will have jaundice when they are born. Mild infant jaundice often disappears on its own within two or three weeks...
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Question: I have a 7 days infant, but she has born with high level of jaundice count 27 moreover she was not feed mother breast milk. Can u advise us how to reduce the jaundice count at normal
Answer: Nothing to worry Doctor gives phototherapy Feed baby well Some times iv fluids will be given Baby recovers in two three days Don't worry Jaundice at birth is common Take care
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Question: My daughter is of 7 mnth 19 days. Bt she can't sit her if she is laying.... Is it normal
Answer: Hi dear, Please do know that each baby develops differently.tour friends baby might have learnt lot of things now,but donot think your baby is lagging behind.give some more time.by 9 months most of the babies learns to sit .but your baby is not able to,give a month's time from then.donot get panic .
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