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Question: My daughter is 5months 15 days old , can I give her tomato or beetroot puree.

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Answer: Dear wair for 15 more days once she will complete 6 months start solids for her coz by then her digestive system will be stronge enought to digest food...initially start with single solids like mashed dal mashed rice boiled mashed potato Irvara mashed fruits thn slowly add 2 items like tomato in dal or carrot in dal..thia way thr body get use to of food n if she is allergic to anything u will get to know.....beetroot also u can give boiled n mashed u can mix apple in it to make better taste
Answer: Hie Please breast feed your baby exclusively for the first 6 months not only is your breast milk easy to digest but contains essential nutrients, fats and antibodies which will help baby to grow , develop and fight illness if any Your babys digestive system is immature at 3 months he might not be able to digest any thing  other than breast milk hence would suggest wait untill your baby turns 6 months and then offer tomato or beetroot soup
Answer: You can start solids when baby finishes six months. You can start with banana, apple, boiled potato, boiled carrot, cerelac or nestum etc. Start only one food at a time and wait for three days to know if baby has allergy to food, baby is able to digest food. Please go through Healofy home page for tips, diet, recipes and many more they help a lot. Good luck.
Answer: Hi. Solid food should always be introduced after 6 month of age. Before 6 month baby gets all the nutrition from your breast milk and no other food or supplement is required. If you will start wheaning before 6 month of age it would affect babies digestive system as babies digestive system ist that strong.
Answer: Til 6 months u must nt give anything to baby .. after 6 start giving warm water from d dropper..
Answer: No, give after 8months
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Question: Can i give beetroot puree
Answer: Yes of course u can give beetroot puree. Beetroots great food for babies, It is a rich source of vitamin A, B and C. It also has lots of fibre so it is especially good for children who have a tendency to constipation. It is rich in iron and other minerals. It also has anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.
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Question: Can i give beetroot puree for my baby he is 6 month and 15 days old?
Answer: First give carrot, loki puree, than potato pure, if baby ok with these than give beetroot. After he tasted plain puree you can give mix puree. Introduce 1 new product not often than every 3 days.
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Question: can I give tomato puree
Answer: yes it can be given.... u can give it in the form of soup...
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