13 months old baby

Question: My daughter is completed her 12th month. But her teeth is not grown yet. May I know the reason. I asked my mom she said I got my first teeth in 12th month.

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Answer: All i have to say is GOOD! the longer they take to come in the healthier they will be when they do decide to pop up and the easier to teach them to keep them clean from the first tooth to the last tooth. Its hard to keep younger children's teeth clean cause they don't want you shoving things in their mouth and they don't know how to and don't under stand how to do it them selves.
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Question: My baby is 1 year old but she didnt started teeth in her mouth.. May I know the reason
Answer: Hello! Don't worry, first tooth can appear anytime within 18 months of age. I have known many babies who had their first tooth after 12 months of age, even my baby had his first tooth in the age of 14 months. Hence, don't worry. Take care
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Question: My daughter is 11 month 22 days old, but her teeth are not come yet, i am worried abaut it
Answer: Hello dear. If your 12-month-old baby still has not produced his first teeth and you have confirmed that delayed teething doesn’t run in the family, it is time to see his doctor. The doctor can determine if the teething problem is due to poor nutrition, hypothyroidism or some other cause. You will get a referral to a pediatric dentist if your baby still has a toothless grin when he is 18 months old. Hope this helps.
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Question: My daughter is 10 months old, but yet not got her teeth...is it normal?
Answer: it is absolutely normal please don't worry and wait till 1 year, if still the teeth are not erupting then you should get it checked by the dentist
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