7 years old baby

Question: my daughter is 6yrs and 8 month old. she is over weight. how can I manage her weight

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Answer: Try adding more of fruits & salads in her diet. Try making her doing yoga or exercises. Hope this helps.
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Question: Hello mommys ..my daughter is 10 month old and her weight is 7.4 kg. How I can increase her weight
Answer: Give calorie rich foods and not try to increase the amount of food already giving.So u can try rice whith ghee,banana roasted in ghee becaouse ghees are calorie rich and helps in baby weight gain at healthy way.Also continue feeding.
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Question: My daughter is 4years old but she is overweight ,how can I reduce her weight
Answer: Buy bycicle, ball etc as she is already 4 per her play active outdoor games. Don't give her oily food, snacks, biscuits, sweets, feed more soups, light food, replace all her sweets for fruits and juices.
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Question: Mam my daughter is 9mth old her weight is 6.7kg how can I increase her weight
Answer: Hello dear. Baby’s growth and baby’s weight are two different things. Child’s weight is one part of its overall growth but it is not the only measuring criteria to check the child’s development. Foods to add in ur baby's daily diet for weight gain are :- 1.) Banana 2.) Desi Ghee 3.) Ragi 4.) whole Cream Yogurt 5.) Oats 6.) Potatoes 7.) Sweet Potatoes 8.) Pulses 9.) Avacado 10) Khichdi with lots of veges 11.) Egg 12.) Whole Wheat Hope it helps.
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Question: My daughter weight is 3600gm...her birth weight is 2800gm...how can i increase her weight..she is 2 month 2 days old..
Answer: Hi Dear, Usually baby birth weight will decrease for few days. But after 10 days they will start gaining. Average weight gain for babies is 150 t0 240 gm for every week. But your baby is below the normal weight. No problem dear, all the babies doesn't have same capabilities. Give her more breast milk. This is the best diet for infants to get weight. After 6 months you can start solid foods to increse weight.
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