34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My daughter is 4yrs old, in blood test report, CRP-105.36, what to do, and what is crp plz can u explain, plz help

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Answer: Hi dear... CRP more than 6 is considered as positive.. consult your doctor immediately... He may need hospital admission and iv antibiotics... take care
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Question: My 4yrs daughter has blood deficiency wht to do
Answer: Hello dear Consult your paediatrician and start with iron drops to the baby. Food that you should include in your baby's diet for increasing Hb level: spinach. u can add chopped spinach leaves in baby's food wherever possible or spinach soup also.Beetroot,dates,jaggery,milk are all rich sources of iron and should be added to your baby's diet daily.
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Question: Im 8months pregnant Doctor asked me to do again blood test which i did..i have done the test and i got the report.the RBC in my report say Nil.means my RBC blood is low.please help what can i do
Answer: Please get the test repeated
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Question: My daughter is 4yrs old and she is having dark circles under eye area.. plz suggest what to do?what type of diet should I consider for her
Answer: Apply castor oil around eyes before bed...... gives you better result
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