2 years old baby

Question: My daughter is 2 years old. She is having fever since last night. What can I give her for relief?

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Answer: Hi take care of your baby.give cold compression means placing a cool, wet cloth on your childs head can draw the fever out and help your baby rest.give fluids to baby to prevent dehydration and aid the body in cooling itself, give plenty of fluids like water, clear soups and yogurt. give baby a lukewarm bath.better to start giving paracetamol syrup twice daily for 3 days.if it is more than 100 for 3 days better to visit pediatrician.
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    Priyankas Secret Diary8 days ago

    Don't worry dear it's just a viral fever, give her peracetamol syrup & use some warm clothe & also cover her head with scarf.

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