2 months old baby

Question: My daughter is 2 months old. At night I feed her around 11pm and then she has a good sound sleep. Again, i wake her up and feed her around 4am or 5 am. Is it ok to give this long gap?

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Answer: Hello You have to feed your baby every two hours regardless of day or night or the baby s sleeping or being awake. Breast milk is best for ur baby as it gives your baby better immunity. It digests better than the formula reduces constipation and stomach problems.
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Question: My 3 months baby used to wake up at night and he used to have my brest milk for 5 minutes and goes to sleep again, is it OK or how long I should feed him when he wakes up
Answer: Hello! It is important that you atleast feed the baby for 15-20minutes if he is waking up. Then put the baby to sleep. But 5 minutes feeding, baby will get only the foremilk and not the hind milk. Hence try to feed for a longer time. Take care
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Question: My baby is 2months 9dayz old she dont pass urine at night .. throughout the day she passes urine nearly 10times around 11pm if she goes to sleep wakes up after 7am however in this period i feed her 2 to 3 intervals either she wakes up or i have alarmed my mind to wake up and feed her .. plz reply y dont she pass urine at night .. i dont put her on diaper at night v tie her a normal cotton cloth diaper
Answer: That's really good habit if your baby doesn't pee at night. A baby should pass urine at least 6 times a day. If he's doing so there's nothing to worry.infact baby has habit of urinating during day you'll never gave bed wetting problem
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Question: Hi.. My baby is 25 days old.. She sleeps long hours at night like around 4-5 hours and doesnt get up for feed..is it necessary to wake her up to feed every 2 hours
Answer: same problem dear lekin ye normal hai mera baby bhi esa hi karata hai
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