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Question: My daughter is 2 and 13 days she used to poop 3 times in one day but sometimes she used to poop one time in a day...

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Answer: That's absolutely normal dear.... don't worry about it long as your baby is not having any difficulty in pooping there's no need to be worried dear...
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Question: Hello. My baby didn't poop since 2 days. She used to pass motion regularly 3 to 4 times a day. She is one month old
Answer: Hi dear... There is nothing to worry....a baby who is on breastfeeding can pass motions once in 10 days and is normal.. If the baby is on formula milk then passing stool oncw in 3 days is normal.. Hence don't worry
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Question: Hi... My baby is 73 days old.. She used to poop whenever she breasfeeds... And sometimes she poops 10 times a day.. Is this normal??
Answer: Pooping after every feed is normal.It is important to note the consistency of the poop, if poop is very watery,foamy or mucusy then it could be due to an infection and needs to be checked by your doctor.
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Question: My daughter is doing poop 2-3 times in a day. Is it normal??
Answer: Hi..As long as it isn't runny diarrea poop then it is fine. Every baby is different, and react differently to each type of food. Since he is still being introduced to new things just be on the look out after giving him something new if his normal rhythm changes.
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