13 months old baby

Question: My daughter is 1 year old... She sticks her toungue out most of the time.. Even while sleeping her tongue will be between the teeth... Even if we try to push in she can't take back... Plzz suggest me how to deal with ut

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Answer: Hello! I suggest that you once talk to the doctor regarding this this. The baby might need some therapies to get it fine. There is nothing to worry. Take care
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Question: my daughter is 60 days old and I have noticed that she frequently sticks her tongue in and out is there anything to worry about.. also white milk kind of layer Is formed on her tongue plz guide.
Answer: Babies tounge movement, as u hv mentioned is normal. You hv to clean her tongue every day while bathing. Take a clean cotton cloth dip it in warm water, hold it on ur finger than clean baby's tounge softly. It will help to reduce forming of white layers.
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Question: My baby is not yet all sleeping during night time....if we try to get her into sleep, she is crying and also not sleeping even though she was sleepy.... what to do?
Answer: Hie Help baby differentiate between day and night During day feeds talk to him, light up the room let sunlight in , play with him While by the night dim the lights make it quiet and calm don't play or talk to baby Establish a night routine baby love it if they know all having a routine helps them know what happens next and gradually they follow it  Dream feed your baby hunger is the most common reasons for baby to wake up early from his sleep . Give your baby a sponge bath or just massage him lightly with a lotion as it gets absorb fast ,put on a fresh pair of clothes ,dim the light and rock your baby to sleep Massaging the baby every night will help baby destress and sleep for longer duration of time it will also relieve body ache and promote better blood circulation Swaddling helps baby sleep well and for a longer duration of time as it creates womb like atmosphere
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Question: my baby sleeping more...am facing difficulty to wake up her. while feeding also she is sleeping...most of the time she is sleeping..what to do?
Answer: newborn spend their most of time in sleeping. sleeping is for baby's health. if you want to feed her rub your nipples on her cheeks she will get smell and start drinking.
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