3 months old baby

Question: My daughter has started eating her thumb since a few days..how to make her get rid of this habit..

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Answer: for a 3 month old baby it is OK dear.. it's not a habit now.. just a part of baby 'S development...
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Question: My baby has started sucking her thumb..how cn i hlp her to get rid of this habit..
Answer: My baby was also sucking his thumbs. Whenever he sucks i keep on taking his hand away from mouth daily to teach him. And now he has stopped it.
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Question: Hello Dr my baby has a habit of thumb sucking how can i get rid of this habit
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Question: Hello .. my child is 2.5 year old. He has a bad habit of eating mud from wall. How to get rid of this habit.
Answer: Hi,it usually happens ,if the baby has defeciency of calcium.You should consult the Dr and start with calcium supplements.This should help.Also it is better to teach the baby that it can cause stomach pain and Dr will give inj
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Question: How to get rid of thumb sucking habit of my 3 months old baby?
Answer: It's very normal and rather safe for baby to put hand in mouth because baby used to suck hand and soothe himself by putting hand in mouth in your womb so it is something they have learnt in womb. there is nothing to worry about it just give some toy to baby to make him divert from putting hand in his mouth...
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