22 months old baby

Question: my daughter do not eat rotti daily... feeling bad...which things Good for her?

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Question: Which type of food is good for my daughter for daily
Answer: Homemade food with less spices, fruits, vegetables
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Question: My daughter still eat only mixer rice and boiled dal. How do i teach her to eat all other things?
Answer: Hi dear u should include oats sweetpotato banana ragi daal chicken fish whole grain in everyday diet. Also give a full meal of 4 times and snacks two times a day to ur baby .do make sure whenever u people eat make baby habit of having his own plate on the table. May be u can feed ur baby earlier to family meal time but do giving some portion of food to baby make him responsible and adds on habit of taking meal with family. My baby is 2 years old and he do this. So sharing my personal testimony.
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Question: My daughter is not eating food properly, maggi noodles only she like to eat is it good for her health
Answer: Better don't give too much Maggi noodles now itself.its not good for health. Give vegetables..fruits...if you are non veg give egg,fish,meat and all...
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Question: my elder daughter is of age5.5yrs she has wheat allergy so what are best eatable things for her good growth
Answer: U can give rice, sprouts, fruits, eggs, green leafy vegetables , mashed potatoes.
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