6 years old baby

Question: My daughter do bet wet during night..sometimes day time also.plz let me know solution...

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Answer: Hello dear.. These steps will helps you incontrolling bed wetting in night,.. Make a habit of using restroom before bed is essential, so that they won't pee in midnight Limit the intake of fluids ,after six in eve,it will help Set an alarm for couple of hours,and make him wake-up to use rest room, continuous practice will helps to identify natural call without help
Answer: Take her to toilet at regular intervals. Try to avoid giving any liquids before bedtime. Make sure the child is not acres of anything especially while sleeping. Use dettol disinfectant liquid to maintain the hygiene of bed and keep it germ free DN odour free.
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Question: my daughter is 5year's old she is still wet bed at night give me solution
Answer: Bed-wetting is one of the most common problems with infants and children. It’s the inability in kids to control urination during sleep. This problem arises because children have small urinary bladders and are unable to hold their urine for a very long time. Here are some remedies to cure bed-wetting. @make your child eat a cinnamon bark once daily. Alternatively, you can also add some cinnamon powder in his meals. @crush the pulp of gooseberry, and add one tablespoon of honey and a pinch of turmeric powder to it. @massage the area gently for a few minutes. If this is done daily then, you will notice positive changes in the kid soon. @cranberry juice is a wonder drug for the urinary bladder, tract and kidneys. This juice must be given to the kids. @you can make your kids eat one teaspoon of raisins and two teaspoons of walnuts before the bedtime. @give one spoon honey to your baby before go to bed. @stir in two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass full of water. Make the kids drink this after every meal to cure bed-wetting. @ stir in half a teaspoon of dry mustard powder in warm milk. Make your kid drink this. @mix a small piece of jaggery in warm milk and make your child dink the concoction at bed time. This will naturally cure bed-wetting in your kid.
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Question: Sometimes my baby is not eating properly mostly at night time..let me know the proper diet during this month
Answer: Hi.. Dear breast feed or formula milk for complete six months, nothing else.. Normal milk can be given after an year. After completion of six months you can give boiled cereal water first (dal ka pani), then semi liquid porridges (vegetable khichdi, lentil and rice porridges), boiled and mashed potatoes, bananas (mashed or in the form of smoothie).. If the baby is able to digest these food sources, then introduce ragi, oats, dalia..DO NOT ADD SUGAR OR SALT, UNTIL YOUR BABY IS AN YEAR OLD.. Start giving with small bowls, gradually increase the quantity.. Serve in three different meals as per your convenience
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Question: My daughter is 29 days old. During day time my feed is sufficient. She wakes up every 2 or 2.5 hrs. However my feed is not sufficient during the night. Please let me know the reason and solution.
Answer: Don't panic . It's natural for new born babies. Reason is parents were not giving quality time to children like talking to her,playing with her. We are just giving breast milk to babies,then give him a nap at bed during day time. U have to change ur schedule and as much as possible u have to be active with her during day time and see the result at night. If you think ur milk is not sufficient,talk to Dr to give her formula milk at night only
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