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Question: My daughter 45 days old, she throughing out milk and pooping little quantity. May I know reason for this. Thank you.

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Answer: Hi dear, it is important to burp babies after each feed. It releases air trapped in your baby's stomach, making him more comfortable and less fussy. Burping also frees up room in your baby's tummy so he can settle in and feed longer. Burping can also be beneficial for babies who spit up often. And for bottle fed babies it becomes even more important as there is air sucked by babies. Babies go no pooping for days , they tend to digest milk wholly. Only consider pee count 6 or above daily n if it's dere baby is hydrated.
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Question: My daughter is 45 days old..she is crying alot...i gave have colicaid and even stomach pain syrup...but she is not stopping crying...i dont know what to do... what may be the reason?
Answer: Dear if you have already tried the above 2 then it is better to consult doctor doctor as apart from those 2 things nothing can be treated at home. Though I would suggest give some time for the medicines you have given to show effect. Hope this helps.
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Question: Which oil and brand should i use for my daughter massage,she is 45 days old
Answer: Hi. Go for mamaearth's product they are too good. I am using the brand from last 10 month and completely in love with it. Its massage oil is blend of thrren oild sesam oil, almond oil and jojoba oil. Good luck.
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Question: My baby is one and half months old, 30% of hairs have fallen can i know tge reason and solution for this ? Thank you
Answer: Dont worry its normal in babies n it Will grow again
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