7 months old baby

Question: my daugher is doing vomtings like mucus and green loose motions is it common

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Answer: This can happen in two situation either your baby is getting stomach infection or unable to digest certain food which you introduced recently. Avoid giving your baby that food which you tried in recent times before your baby started green poop. Hope that will help. If it's more than three days you baby suffering Consult doctor.
Answer: It.s.due to.infection dear
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Question: My baby has green marks over body is it common and how long will it takes to reduce the mark
Answer: As every baby is different it takes time to get rid of marks, it goes eventually. Do not worry about it dear, it is common in most of the babies.
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Question: Is loose motions common in early pregnancy Is it harmful
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear while pregnancy digestive system becane too weak thats why its happens so dont worry there s no medical issue .take plenty of water as take 8 to 10glass water daily ,buttermilk, coconut water nd lemonate ,fresh fruits juices ,add curd ib ur diet, take mong dal kichri ,mong dal wit chapati ,sabudana kichri nd avoid oily spicy nd junk food. Take digene akso Instead of big meals, eat more frequent small meals through the day. This reduces pressure on the gut, making digestion easier.Take your time eating, and chew thoroughly as this aids the process of digestion. Try it if u dont feel relief consult to ur dr nd take loose motion medicine as ur dr suggest u.
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Question: My baby is doing poop 5 to 6 times and it looks like yellowish watery type.why?
Answer: It's common in 1month old baby... Even my son when he was 1month he was pooping for 6-7 times in a day and till 1.5month it was same... Later on automatically routine got changed
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