23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My LMP date was 23rd Nov, so what is my due date nd how many weeks pregnant I'm ry8 now?

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Answer: Total tenure of pregnancy is considered to be of 280 days. you can add this to your lmp to get your due date. Each month has 4.3 weeks, adding this to your lmp will give you exact week. Your 22nd week is running
Answer: May be u r a 5 month of pregnancy..But for right date..Confirmed by doctlr
Answer: Ignore the previous one. Your 23rd week is running.
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Question: My LMP date was 23 may , so now I'm how many months or Weeks mam?
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your confusion. Just count weeks from your lmp.It shows you have finished foyrteen weeks and entered fifteenth week. It becomes easy to count with a calendar. You have finished three months and fourth is going on.Take care
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Question: My LMP was 9/05/2018. So when could be my due date? And how many weeks running now?
Answer: Hi dear, So right now you are around 37 weeks pregnant and due date would be around 40 th weeks.going by your LMP,your expected due date would be 13 th Feb ,2019.
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Question: Hi. My last date was June 23rd..so how many weeks pregnant Iam now?
Answer: Hello dear According to ur last lmp, u are currently 35 weeks pregnant and ur due date should be around 30 march, 2019.
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