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Question: My LMP date is 09/10/2018 .According to LMP my pregnancy should be 8wks but yesterday I went for usg and it shows my pregnancy is 5wks 2days only.. is it ok???? Although I have irregular periods

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Answer: Y,that's k as in scan it is shown as per the gestational growth sondont worey
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Question: Hi,,,according to my last period date that was 31 dec 2018, it should be about 7 weeks till now , but in scan it shows pregnancy of 5 weeks only. I don't understand what it is so,,,pls explain
Answer: Fertilization of egg with sperm generally occurs 12-15 days before the date of next period
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Question: i m 32 weeks pregnant as per my LMP but according to USG it shows i m 30- 31 weeks . is it normal? or i should be tensed? doctor says baby's weight , height is ok. but growth little slow...
Answer: Hello dear. If the baby's growth is okay then there is nothing to be worried. A week gap is fine and doesn't cause any concern. Baby would be catching up growth in coming weeks. Hope it helps.
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Question: According to my LMP my pregnancy should be 12 weeks & 2 days. But according to USG its 12 weeks 3 days. Is that ok ???
Answer: 7-8 days differnce is ok
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