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Question: My dad is in critical condition in ICU since more than 3 weeks now and docs have told us there's no hope. I'm trying to be calm but there's tension all around. How do i cope with this situation.

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Answer: Sorry to hear that, I can understand the pressure in a family and on you as well. You need to make sure to be calm as your restlessness can directly affect your baby. Its my personal experience. Try some below ways and see if it helps. 1. Play with your baby, it reduces the stress when baby looks at you and smiles. 2. Try relax in a way to keep you busy when you are not sleepy and attending baby, whatever way, listen music, read books whatever is your hobby. 3. Try to sleep whenever free. Listen music, to go to sleep. If music does not help, try an application 'Calm'. 4. Watch comedy shows, it takes you away from the situation from some time and laughter releases the stress. Initially you might feel, how can you behave in a such a way when such tensions are going on. Believe me, remove this thought from your mind and remember, this is for your and baby's health which the most important thing right now. Don't worry, everything will be good and settled
Answer: hi I can understand you are very bad you need to be very calm please try to understand because you are and attention to affect growth and development of a baby so please try to be calm try to listen to some motivational music it will help you
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Question: I have recently lost my mother, i m unable to cope up with the loss as i have a great bond with her. No one in this world is more than her, i am going through 7month and all the time feel like to die n keep on crying. I don't know how to deal with the situation, my mother wanted to see the child and left me alone in this world. Please guide me how to deal with this situation?
Answer: Hello dear... I'm sorry fr d loss.. even I went through d same phase as u... I know it's very tough.. even I lost my mom wen I was 8 months pregnant .. Now my baby is 3 months old.. this is d toughest time u have to go through.. Be strong think about Ur child inside u.. Am sure Ur baby ll change Ur world but no one can replace Ur mother dats fr sure... Take Ur husband support.. he should be Ur support pillar... Ask him to be Ur side always.. don't stay alone.. always try to think of Ur baby talk to Ur baby.. More than anyone u should console urself... Be strong.. U should be strong u should give courage to Ur family members never think dat u lost everything u still have reason to live in this world.. soon u gonna have Ur mom back.. I'm sure u ll be blessed with baby gal like me... All the best.. Be strong stay strong..
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Question: I got an ultrasound in week 14.which says placenta is low lying covering the os completely. And a large sub chronic heamatoma of size 53×23×57mm with volume of 40cc and the separation caused by this heamatoma is more than 50%in the sac perimetry.now I'm in week 16 and I'm having dark brown bleeding from past 6 days. Dr told me to take rest and repeat ultra sound at week 18. I'm really worried .. any suggestion?? Should I be scared ??
Answer: Hello! Please don't worry and be on complete bed rest without moving at all. This needs to be under proper care. Please follow the doctor's instructions, everything will be fine. Take care
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Question: Dears, I'm in 35 week. Today my doctor did a physical examination and told that I've small pelvis and normal delivery will be very difficult or chanceless. She said that we can go c-section in 37 weeks.. This hospital has very less record of normal delivery. Hardly they do normal delivery.. so I'm bit hesitant to trust the doctor's words. Can there be such situation? Should I go with her words or should I take a 2nd opinion?
Answer: Go for second option i had same problem but the doc refered me to other hospital they induce pain finally it was normal delivery.
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