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Question: My current hcg is 1426 is there any chances of ectopic pregnancy???

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Answer: Hello dear, with this level you will be in your 5-6 week of pregnancy and wether it is ecotopic pregnancy or normal.cpuld only be detected by an ultrasound only so get it done .
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Question: Hi ..i had a ectopic pregnancy in my right tube left tube is normal ther any chances of getting pregnant again or not please give me suggestions if any chances are there thank you
Answer: Hi dear, I am so sorry to hear about your ectopic pregnancy.i have heard cases where women have conceived successfully post ectopic pregnancy.since your left tube is normal,you have chances to conceive.its just you need to try every month.please donot loose hope.although once ectopic case would increases the chance of another ectopic too.but as I said I have friend who conceived successfully post ectopic you could also have chance.
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Question: My beta hcg level is 121.76 during 6th week. Are there any chances of the survival of the baby??
Answer: Hi Hcg means its a human gonadotropin hormone produced by placenta.if you are pregnant you can detect it in your urine.and also blood tests measuring hcg levels used to check how your pregnancy is progressing,including development of your baby.pregnant women about 6 weeks having hcg levels 200 to32000U/L .but you are value is very low..check with your doctor and follow their suggestions
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Question: my hcg was 1467 at 4 week 3days? conceived normally. chances of twins? will there be complications like molar/ectopic pregnancy or down previous medical history
Answer: not necessary that high hg levels can be due to twin pregnancy. Ectopic is when embryo is in fallopian tube. I hope by now this option is ruled out Don't over think the situation it's absolutely normal to have high hcg levels, waise it's not that high as well. till the time it's increasing as the pregnancy progress I don't think there is anything to worry. Stay blessed!
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